Update for 8/11/2014

During a press conference today, the school district shared that while in the first hours after the fire it appeared that school could start on time, after more contractors had been on site, the scope of work based on the extensive smoke damage would require a longer timeframe. This has meant that it is unlikely Preble will open on September 2nd. 

Green Bay Public Schools’ first priority is the safety of the students. Ensuring the proper cleaning of the school is important to provide a safe learning environment for students and staff. The district is anticipating that more information will be provided later in the week, which will result in a start date being determined. Based on that information, registration dates, time and location will be determined and communicated.

The district is currently looking at alternative schedules to meet the number of minutes of instruction required by DPI and that are the least disruptive to staff, students, and families. A staggered start with students is not feasible because it would slow down the restoration company’s progress.

The restoration company has shared that the air quality testing has been complete and that the air quality in the school is safe for people to work within the school. The restoration company has divided the school into three areas, categorized by the degree of smoke damage. A schedule will be created for teachers to return to school in two hour increments to secure their belongings. They will be working with a staff member from the content cleaning company to assess the contents of their rooms. While not required or necessary, face ventilation masks will be available for staff that wish to use them. Outside of the scheduled times, only restoration workers and designated staff are allowed in the building. 

The restoration company has shared that the Library Media Center is 90% complete and all lockers have had a rough cleaning. 

The company is working on cleaning the locker room to make is accessible for Preble’s football team. The locker room will be accessed from an outside entry. In addition, all band equipment will be cleaned and then stored in a mobile unit outside of the building so that the band can practice. The unit will have a portable air conditioning unit to protect the instruments from humidity. 

Danz Avenue between Preble and the sports field has been closed to the public for use by the restoration company.  

Preble clerical staff will be relocated to the District office at 200 S. Broadway. Preble phones have also be forwarded to the district office. Parents that have paperwork to drop off should do so at the district office.

Finally, the Green Bay Area Public School District and Preble High School appreciate the outpouring of support from the community. While we are appreciative of the offers for assistance with the cleaning, the restoration company is unable to have volunteers in the building. 

We also appreciate everyone’s patience and understanding as we continue to learn additional information.

How you can help – Cousins Subs at 1905 S. Webster will be providing 10% of its total sales to Preble from 4-8 p.m. on Wed., August 13.


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