Update for 8/12/14


  • The Nursing Assistant meeting that was originally scheduled for 10 AM on Monday, August 18th in room 137 at Preble will now be held at 10 AM on Monday, August 18th at East High School in room 133.
  • The school has been divided into three zones: A, B & C. The zones represent the level of smoke damage, with the areas nearest the gym most affected. A schedule is being created to bring teachers in to assess their classrooms.

 ABC areas (2nd floor) ABC areas (1st floor)

  • Parents who need to drop off paperwork for Preble should bring it to the District Office Building (DOB) located at 200 S. Broadway. Parents should check in at the front desk where they will be directed to Preble clerical and pupil services staff.
  • Students who have recently moved to the Preble attendance area should register at central registration located at DOB.
  • Preble’s Freshmen Forward has been postponed.
  • If parents or students have any questions they should call Preble. The phones are being forwarded to DOB. At this time only restoration staff and designated district personnel are allowed in the building.
  • The District appreciates the many offers to assist with clean up. Unfortunately, the restoration company is unable to have volunteers in the building at this time.

Restoration Progress

  • The lockers have been cleaned and the crews are currently working on covering them in plastic and using a process to clean behind the lockers to ensure all smoke smell is eliminated.

photo 4

  • The trophy cases are in the process of being cleaned.

photo 3 photo 2

  • Large equipment has been moved into the auditorium. The auditorium will be cleaned from ceiling to floor.

photo 7

  • Cleaned books and bookcases are covered in the library media center.

photo 1





One thought on “Update for 8/12/14

  1. In trying to decide how to best proceed with the beginning of the school year, is there a chance that part of the school, say Zone C from above, could be used while the rest of the building is sealed off and cleaning is finished?


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