Morning Updates 8/14/14

• As a result of the fire at Preble High School all Athletic code meetings scheduled over the next few weeks have been cancelled.  There will be one Preble Athletic Code meeting held on Tuesday, August 26 at at Edison Middle School in the auditorium. The meeting would be for student-athletes and at least one parent in the fall sports of boys volleyball, girls volleyball, girls tennis and boys and girls cross country. Football held their athletic code meeting in June and boys soccer is holding their meeting today, August 14. If you missed or will miss these two sport meetings you are to attend the meeting on August 26.  Please note that the student-athlete and at least one parent must attend these meetings. Fall coaches and assistant coaches are asked to attend.
• The Preble High School Band will rehearse from 1 p.m. to 3 p.m. on Tuesday, August 19 and Thursday, August 21 at Atonement Lutheran Church (across from Preble). Please bring instruments, or arrive 30 minutes early on Tuesday if you need a school instrument to play. Please disregard the original band camp schedule.
• The band will also play for the football game on August 21, call time will be 6 p.m., please wear band attire or Preble colors.


One thought on “Morning Updates 8/14/14

  1. Academics come first, so I understand the classrooms and textbooks taking precedence. However, no one has made any comment on when the reconstruction of the gym will begin. Can anyone provide a basic timeline on this phase of the restoration?


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