The Ravine Bar & Grill to Host Fundraiser Sept. 10

Event for Preble Fire at The Ravine - FlyerThe Ravine Bar & Grill will host a fundraiser to support the Preble High School athletic teams on Wednesday, September 10 from 4-9 p.m. The buffet will cost $10 per person, and will include broasted chicken, potato wedges, pizza, breadsticks, and a soda. The Ravine will donate $5 for each buffet purchased, and 20% of all other sales from 4-9 p.m. will be donated.


7 thoughts on “The Ravine Bar & Grill to Host Fundraiser Sept. 10

  1. At this time Preble is not hosting any fundraisers itself, or soliciting any funds from fundraisers. However, community members and alumni have come forward wanting to help. The District has created an account for donations that have been voluntarily raised. After insurance covers the losses, the money will be used to enhance school programs, athletic programs, etc. at Preble. This is a fundraiser being put on by The Ravine, not Preble High School. We were asked to communicate about the fundraiser.


    • It would be helpful asnd appropriate if you would be more clear and transparent about what you just shared here after my asking about this along with any information you are pushing out via Preble’s social channels or even more importantly the Restoration communications. You send a very mixed message on who is driving or initiating fundraisers when you chose to share or pass along communications like this even if Preble had nothing to do with organizing them through these Preble communication channels. We are Preble parents and a long time Preble family actively supporting our school but it concerns me that by not being clear or sending mixed messages like this people are being confused and it is very unclear what donations are going to.


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